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This kit will provide an overview of autism to help you better understand the disorder and will hopefully clarify whether you should seek out a professional for a thorough evaluation.

The “Kit for Kids” is designed to teach elementary and middle school students about their peers with autism.

The kit is centered around an illustrated, fold-out booklet called, “What’s Up with Nick?

” Additionally, there is a web video and activity workbooks that expand upon the information presented in the “What’s Up with Nick?

This Yale University Seminar on Autism and Related Disorders is the United States’ first undergraduate course of its kind. Multiple resources and supports are available for early childhood professionals and families to help track progress and determine potential delays in young children.

The class consists of a weekly seminar on diagnosis and assessment, etiology and treatment of children, adolescents and adults with autism and related disorders of socialization. This guide covers topics and covers supports like vocational rehabilitation and transportation.

If you believe this app would be effective for your family (or student) but find it is too costly, there are opportunities available for financial assistance, including your local Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Anyone who needs support learning and maintaining skills necessary for daily living, learning context appropriate social skills and skills necessary for accessing the community can benefit from the simplicity of Everyday Skills.

As autism awareness has grown dramatically in recent years, many young adults and adults have learned the signs and felt there may be a connection between their feelings and behaviors and the symptoms of autism. A Guide for Adults” was designed to help adults who suspect they may have autism, as well as those recently diagnosed with the disorder.

Cavity Dragons uses an interactive video game to motivate kids to brush their teeth.

Children move a fireman, who shoots a hose of toothpaste to eliminate cavity dragons, fires, and food from a mouthful of teeth.

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